Test Your Knowledge of Garlic I

1. The brittle, papery covering that grows around each clove and around the whole bulb is called a what?

  • A. Tunic
  • B. Robe
  • C. Shroud

2. How is garlic propagated?

  • A. Planting of seeds
  • B. Planting individual cloves
  • C. Planting entire bulb

3. What famous author commented unfavorably about garlic's smell in his writing?

  • A. Walt Whitman
  • B. Charlotte Bronte
  • C. William Shakespeare

4. The juice of garlic contains oil allicin. What is this?

  • A. A flavorful cooking oil
  • B. Good for dry skin
  • C. An antibiotic

5. What type of climate produces the most flavorful garlic?

  • A. Cool and dry
  • B. Hot and dry
  • C. Cool and humid

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Yearly trips to China keeps David on the pulse of produce. Recent visits include Tian, Shangdong Province, Tai'an Ning Yang Country, and Jinxiang "The Garlic Capital" where a yearly average of 1.8 million metric tons of garlic comes from. That would be 3.9 billion pounds.

Mexico, another major supplier of garlic to the United States, gets regular visits by David. He regularly visits fields in Celaya, Leon, Caborca and Mexicali

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