Test Your Knowledge of Garlic II

1. Garlic is amoung the most ancient of cultivated plants. Where is it believed to have originated?

  • A. Central Asia
  • B. Australia
  • C. South America

2. Which of the following is another name for garlic?

  • A. Happy Herb
  • B. The Stinking Rose
  • C. Savory Lily

3. Most of the garlic produced commercially in the United States is grown in what state?

  • A. Arizona
  • B. New Mexico
  • C. California

4. Which of the following claims have been attributed to garlic?

  • A. May lower blood pressure
  • B. Helps prevent blood clotting
  • C. May suppress the development of stomache cancer
  • D. Revs up the immune system
  • E. Helps bronchitis, colds, infectious diseases
  • F. Controls garden aphids
  • G. Wards off black spot from roses
  • H. Keeps vampires away
  • I. Controls dandruff
  • J. All of the above

5. Botanically, garlic bulbs are which part of the plant?

  • A. Root
  • B. Stem
  • C. Leaf

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