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Max Cawley (left) and David E. Grimes (right)

Garlic Brands

David deals with many brands of Garlic.
  • Spice World Fresh Garlic
  • Spice Queen
  • Casa de Fruita
  • Queen Ann
  • David's Best
  • Health & Taste
  • Ajo Fresco
  • Melissa's
  • Elephant Garlic King
  • Trader Joes
  • Vessey
  • Auer Pak
  • California Roses
  • Christopher Ranch
  • Coosemans Shipping

Welcome to David E. Grimes Company - Garlic Brokerage

David E. Grimes CEO is a member of the California Garlic & Onion Research Advisory Board. David E. Grimes handles the brokerage of Garlic all over the US, Mexico , & Australia. David E. Grimes Company is licensed with the USDA & the State of California. Current SCS Certifications for garlic include NutriClean Certified and GMP with Food Security. In 2009, David E. Grimes Company was involved with more than 24,000,000 pounds of garlic in the US between sales & harvesting.

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